ACTing Your Age™

No Experience Necessary!   Instructed By Michelle Benjamin

ACTing Your Age™

“ACTing Your Age” Senior Acting Workshops is a systematic and intentional use of Drama/Theater techniques, activities and exercises for ages 55 and up. This workshop aims to promote senior health by stimulating the memory, enhancing public speaking skills, building, heightening or restoring self-confidence, and strengthening social interactive skills.

ACTing Your Age™

Why Senior Theater Workshops?

Acting classes have been proven beneficial to the health of older adults as many acting techniques double as natural stress-relieving methods. Acting helps people express their emotions, does not require previous training, and increases social interactions. It is the perfect way for seniors to be social and get involved in their community, while stimulating their brain in the process. The sense of engagement and interaction can contribute to an improved mood and a positive outlook overall.

  • build better and/or restore communication skills
  • increase individual memory and focus
  • improve interpersonal skills.
  • development and mastery of acting techniques
  • professional acting opportunities

Learn various creative drama techniques to build confidence and trust, stimulate imagination, movement, and role-play.

Understand and follow stage directions, use proper techniques for body and voice control, lose inhibitions and gain self-trust. 

Explore various creative drama techniques to build ensemble, stimulate imagination, movement, and role-play with an emphasis on concentration.

Demonstrate how to properly use drama and theater vocabulary use observation and emotional memory to reveal thoughts and feelings and to build believable characters and situations.

Direct focus, intent, and motivation to create and sustain a character. Focus on realistic acting, commanding audience attention, and developing a stage presence.

Utilize various creative drama techniques to build ensemble, stimulate imagination, movement, and role-play with an emphasis on believability and sensory awareness.

It’s never too late to ACT!

Schedule a workshop! The instructor is friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Each workshop is rich and intense, packed with fun and positive memories!

Participation Requirements

Rate: $15 registration fee per student per Workshop
Workshops will take place RAIN or SHINE!

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Michelle Benjamin

Michelle Benjamin
Artistic Director


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